Why Shiseido Hair Straightening is a Popular Service With Local Salons

//Why Shiseido Hair Straightening is a Popular Service With Local Salons
woman with a curl hair

Planet Hair Shiseido hair straightening is a Japanese treatment that is becoming more popular with local communities and salons.

By working to breakdown the molecular bonds to its core, this is an intricate and detailed process that includes a chemical solution, ironing, neutralising and blow dry before being allowed to sit.

Some women are concerned about opting into Planet Hair Shiseido hair straightening given that it is seen as a long-term solution, but it works to eliminate so many of those daily hassles that makes conditioning such a chore.

Here we will examine why more outlets are embracing this Asian style.

Clean Professional Look For All Occasions

The aesthetic benefits are there for all to see when Shiseido hair straightening treatment is applied. Taking away all of the frizz from the equation, this is a clean-cut look that gives a clear and sleek presentation. Many women find this option suitable for their own needs given the switch from domestic life to the professional world, finding a balance that works well for their circumstances. It will offer the same benefits for women of all colours – brown, blonde, red and brunette alike. 

Saving Time on Salon Visitations

When customers book in for Shiseido hair straightening treatment, they will need to allocate a number of hours to the practice. Whilst this is an activity that can last anywhere between 2 or 3 hours for regulars or 6 to 7 hours for newcomers, bookings only have to take place once every 6 or 9 months. There are a variety of other styles and services where weekly visits are necessary to maintain the quality of the presentation, but that is time in the diary that is hard to fit in for busy people. So long as the treatment is allowed to sit for a period of 2-3 days without being exposed to water, there won’t be a need to make a new reservation at the salon until at least 6 months.

Saving Money On Hair Products

Women can spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars over the span of a year purchasing and applying shampoo and conditioner to try and get that sleek presentation. That will be an additional expense that arrives on top of the service inside the salon itself. With the use of the Shiseido hair straightening method, customers only have to apply some occasional brushing and blow-drying to maintain the integrity of the look. Those hundreds of dollars are therefore kept in the bank account and can be allocated to other endeavours, whether that is practical expenses like paying the heating bill and the mortgage or an exotic getaway interstate or overseas.

Saving Home Time and Maintenance Hassles

Those hours in the morning preparing to get ready for the day ahead can be stressful. With the clock ticking and the traffic building, there are only so many minutes that can be dedicated to achieving that shine and healthy look to the hair. Shiseido hair straightening removes all of that stress from this scenario, offering a permanent status that upholds its integrity and quality irrespective of the season. Other styles can become frizzy and dry when there is a change to the moisture conditions or following a restless night’s sleep. That is not the case with this proven Japanese method.


Shiseido hair straightening is the option of choice for women who want a long-term clean look that removes all hassle from the equation. This is why it is becoming a popular treatment at local salons as consumers are finding it hard to book in and pay for regular styles and methods that are costly and time consuming. Not all salons will provide the same level of care to customers that come through the door, so everyone should do their due diligence and check the track record and community rating for each outlet before proceeding.