What You Need To Know About Family Law Firms In Sydney

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Are you going through a messy divorce? Are you arguing with your partner over a financial settlement or child custody arrangements? If you are unhappy with your current solicitor, then perhaps you need to consider a good family lawyer in Sydney. There are many solicitors in New South Wales and Australia who are perfectly qualified to handle your matter. However, there are only a few family lawyer in Sydney that will put you in the box seat for a favourable settlement that ensures you get what you deserve. So, here’s what you need to know about solicitors, their businesses and what they can provide for you in your time of need.


Financial settlements

If you are battling through a divorce, there’s a good chance that the main point of argument is the financial settlement. Naturally, everyone wants more money and it can be hard to see reason when you’re going through an emotionally traumatic time. Thankfully, your solicitor is not only your provider of legal expertise but can also be a voice of reason. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to step away, stop fighting and just move on.

Generally, the court will look for the most equitable situation when it comes to the breakdown of a household. Leaving one partner stratified is not in everyone’s best interests, however, this often means that both parties will need to make sacrifices.


The children are the priority

If you speak to any family law firms in Sydney, they’ll all say the same thing – the interests of any child or children involved are paramount in any legal case. Indeed, the court will look more favourably on child custody arrangements where the children’s interests are carefully considered. No child should have to watch their parents get divorced, however, it is a simple fact that divorce does happen and is happening more and more often. More and more marriages are ending in divorce and this puts a lot of unnecessary strain on the kids involved.


Fair child custody arrangements

It is generally proven that children who see both of their parents on a frequent basis fare better in school and social situations. Not every situation is the same, however, children from broken homes and split households are prone to more social and mental health related problems. As a result, family law firms in Sydney will endeavour to come to fair custody arrangements in which both parties get equal access to the children (or as equal as physically possible).


Property settlements

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Property settlements are an area of expertise for family law firms in Sydney. Often, they are incredibly complicated, particularly if the divorce involves several different properties and assets. What can make this even more complicated is if one party may need ongoing financial support from the other (e.g. child support), which needs to be factored into the divorce considerations.


Client bullying

A lot of clients who use family law firms in Sydney feel like they get bullied by their ex-partner into giving a large asset, like a residential or investment property. If your legal representation is weak, then you could be pushed into a poor settlement that could put further strain on your finances. What is important is that you get all your assets evaluated so that you’re no longer dealing with a property or an asset, but something with an actual monetary value.



Once you have a monetary value attached to the asset, then family law firms in Sydney can begin moving forward with the splitting of the assets. You legal team will assess your contributions to each asset and, from there, value them as a net percentage of each asset included in the settlement.