What New Zealand Necklace Bone Should I Gift To Someone?

//What New Zealand Necklace Bone Should I Gift To Someone?
New Zealand necklace bone

If you have someone special in your life, whether that person is a kid, partner, lover, or friend, then you will want to give them gifts every once in a while. Maybe there’s a special event coming up that you want to memorialize and give very special meaning to. Fortunately, New Zealand necklace bones have something for almost any large occasion for a relationship that means a lot to you. Here are a few options you have when looking to give a New Zealand necklace bone to someone that is special to you.

Bone Matau (or Fish Hooks)

Bone Matau, or fish hook style, New Zealand necklace bones are given to people often as a good luck charm, especially to those that are traveling by sea. These necklace bones can also be seen as a sign of fertility, prosperity, abundance, and strength. If you have someone that you care about greatly and want to wish them the best, then the Bone Matau is the perfect gift for them. Or maybe your friends are trying to have a baby, this style of necklace can be a sign of fertility and give them good luck in their child-bearing endeavors.

Manaia (or Guardians)

The Manaia New Zealand bone necklace is depicted as a bird’s head with a human body and is said to be a messenger between the spirits and living mortals. The Manaia is very powerful, and is seen often as a guardian against evil, and has strong spiritual energy that it gives to those that wear the necklace. Giving this to a child, or someone that you wish to do well and be protected is a great way to show that you care about them and want them to be protected in all of their adventures in life.

Contemporary or Modern Styles

New Zealand necklace boneA contemporary or modern New Zealand necklace bone can be a very meaningful gift to someone and can show many different things, depending on the style that you get for the person. Each kind of modern necklace has a different meaning, not unlike the more traditional New Zealand necklace bones. There are many cool designs that are made in the modern style of New Zealand necklace bones, and you will very easily be able to pick out the one that you like.

This style can be more meaningful, as the design can be more centered around the person that you are gifting the necklace to. While there might be less spiritual or traditional meaning behind these modern necklaces, the personal meaning is much greater and these can be appreciated far more than any other style of New Zealand necklace bone.

There are many more styles of New Zealand necklace bones out there for you to find, and reading about the tradition and history of these bones can be quite fascinating. It takes the artists for these necklace bones a lot of time and effort to create each one, but once you have one, sometimes you can’t stop looking at it for hours at a time. They are very enticing and very beautiful to look at, even as a piece of art.

As you can see, bone necklaces can be a great gift for anyone that is special to you. Even picking one up for yourself can give you great joy and be used as a fashion accessory. Whether you want to use one as a good luck charm, or as a fashion accessory, you will be certain to find a necklace bone that fits your needs.