How to Choose the Best Time Billing Software

//How to Choose the Best Time Billing Software
Two workers trying out a time billing software

Keeping employees productive and getting fully paid for your services are two among the countless reasons why individuals and companies are opting to use time billing software these days. While this was something people were already using, the coronavirus made it much more important as more and more people started working from home. Keeping an eye on employee productivity, quoting the correct number of hours to clients, and improving overall operational efficiency are all things that seem to be benefitting greatly from time billing software. To make sure you choose the right one for your needs, here are a few things you need to consider.

How Many Users Do You Need It For?

This is the very first thing you need to decide before you think about any other factor, as this will include or eliminate several options from your list. The primary reason behind this is different budget options that come with different pricing and you need to go for the best one with the right feature set. In most cases, time billing software comes in different tiers like 1-10 people, 10-50 people, 50-100 people, etc. Of course, these are only generic figures, and each company providing a software solution will define the ranges themselves.

Do You Have Any Industry-Specific Billing/Timing Requirements?

When it comes to using time billing software, there is no one size fits all solution. Yes, many industries only need basic tracking and billing, but some industries may require unique solutions like the legal services industry, construction industry, architecture, and more. The type of solution you need will be based on the requirements you have predefined for your business and those things should be the key decision-making tools before anything else as you do not want your operations or billing to be hampered in any way.

Is Software Integration Something You May Need?

These days everyone is looking for ways in which they can automate their work and that applies to time billing software as well. While some billing solutions work as standalone choices, you may be looking for something that can easily integrate with other software that you are using. Examples of this could be your accounting software or attendance system, or even human resource management applications. Many ready-made solutions are including these options now to make your life easy and attract maximum clients for themselves.

What is Your Budget?

This is a big factor that can have a huge impact on your final decision regarding the time billing software that you choose. In fact, with enough money, you could even get a software development firm to design something completely bespoke that not only covers your custom requirements but also provides maximum integration. On the flip side, you may be so constrained that all you may choose to implement is the most basic billing software. The obvious example of this would be a large company vs an individual freelancer.

The Must-Haves and the Things You Can Ignore

This is particularly for companies or individuals with a limited budget and who cannot afford a custom solution. Thankfully, sometimes billing software gives customers the option to choose specific modules that they can use to create a solution that fits them perfectly. The approach here should be to only choose the things that you must have and ignore any extra features that come with them.

Each of the factors discussed here greatly influences the level of benefit you can derive from each time billing software option that comes in front of you. Your final decision should give you the maximum benefit against the budget you have and we are sure that considering these factors will lead you to that choice.