Global Automative Market Grows to $600 billion

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Today, most marketers understand that there is a difference between inbound and outbound marketing. Inbound focuses on engaging with an audience in a friendly, helpful way, while outbound deals in launching messages broadly outward and actively pursuing leads.

But there wasn’t always a clear divide between these two marketing strategies. In fact, once upon a time, there was just marketing – no inbound and no outbound.

Marketing consisted of cold calls, trade show tables and passed-around pamphlets. It was a one-way conversation: Here’s our product, and here’s why it’s great.

Then, the internet happened, and a whole new form of communication was born. Marketers took hold of the power of the internet and replicated their traditional marketing efforts on digital platforms. Billboards became banner ads, pamphlets became pop-ups, and radio scripts – well, those stayed pretty much the same, but were inserted into online radio stations like Pandora.