Four Advantages Of Using A Busy Light At Your Desk

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Do you constantly find yourself falling behind in work? Do you often have to push back deadlines because you haven’t been able to complete a project on time? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then there is a strong chance you may have a problem with time management. If you find yourself getting distracted often, then you’ll definitely want to change your habits before HR starts knocking on the door. This is why you should consider purchasing a busy light, which you can use at your desk throughout the entire working day and week. There are many great ways these work indicators can help you remain focused on the task at hand.


What is a busy light?

Essentially, a workplace indicator is small device that uses coloured flashes to denote your current work status. Essentially, it will flash a different colour to demonstrate your level of activity or availability. One colour will mean you’re available, another will mean you’re unavailable. So how do they actually help around the office?


Get more work done

Put simply, a busy light is great if you need to get more work done. If you’re struggling to stay on top of your work load or if you have been handed a really intense project with a tight deadline, then a work indicator could be a savvy purchase. Simply, you’ll be able to get more work done if you’re not distracted all the time, particularly by fellow colleagues. Place the device on your desk or outside your office space and your work mates will see you are preoccupied and come back another time. Easy – no more distractions.


Be more organised

Being constantly distracted won’t help how well you organize your day and work. Thankfully, you can be a lot more organised and punctual with your work goals with a busy light. Furthermore, being organised can help lift your overall workplace standards and overall results. Your supervisors will be impressed if you never miss a deadline and all your work is top quality. Essentially, more time on work and less time wasting will lead to higher quality work.


Healthy competition

In the corporate and business world, a good cultural foundation can go a long way in improving workplace standards, performance and efficiency. Having said this, it is important that you and your workers don’t become overly competitive, as this can lead to a toxic work environment. A toxic workplace can stifle teamwork and collaboration. The last thing you want is to view your work friend as a threat or an enemy. Nonetheless, using your own busy light will help foster healthy competition within the office and amongst your peers. In a bid to keep up, all workers will likely lift to meet the collective work rate.


Get the promotion you deserve

A busy light is going to help you remain focused, ensuring you work hard and efficiently. If you have career aspirations, you want to be practical about such goals. You want to be putting yourself in the best position to achieve them. This is where a busy light can assist you. Managers like workers that are well-balanced – those that work hard when they have to, value social time and get along well with others.

Purchasing a busy light will help you significantly in showing your employer that you are there to work hard, contribute positively and actually make a difference. Likewise, internal recruitment strategies are often favoured by hiring managers, purely because it is easier and cheaper to train someone who is already aware of how the business operates and its overarching strategy.