Facts And Myths About Influenza

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One of the most contagious and recurring illnesses is influenza. This virus pops up every year and infects thousands of people. Luckily, most people only get mildly unwell as a result of it, but it is still unpleasant. However, babies, and older people are at risk of getting severely unwell as a result of the virus.

Modern medicine is incredible, this is no secret and as a result of medical advancements people are protected from influenza as a result of corporate flu jabs.

However, when it comes to vaccinations and specifically corporate flu jabs, there are so many misconceptions and myths. So to clear up any confusion, here are some facts and myths about corporate flu jabs.


Fact 1

There are multiple different strains of influenza that are constantly changing. This is why, each year you will need a vaccine has to be developed in order to protect against the different viruses.

Basically, every year, the virus is slightly different. This is why it is recommended that you get a corporate flu jab every year.

Although there are different strains of the virus, you will not need to get several different vaccinations to protect you against it. In fact one vaccine will protect you against three or four different viruses that will emerge that year.


Myth 1:

One of the most common myths about corporate flu jabs is that they will give you influenza.

The simple fact is, the vaccine does not contain a live virus, and therefore you cannot get influenza from the shot.

In some cases, people may feel achy and feverish in the days after receiving the vaccine, but this does not mean that they have influenza. All this is, is your body reacting to the vaccine.

This reaction is nothing to be concerned about and the symptoms should fade after a few days. If the symptoms continue, though, it is recommended that you visit your doctor.

Fact 2:

No corporate flu jab is perfect, and it is impossible for any vaccination to protect you completely against a virus. However, experts have said that even the most ineffective influenza shot will protect you from the most severe symptoms.

Essentially, any vaccination is better than no vaccination. If the shot is ineffective you will at least be getting partial protection from the virus.


Myth 2:

It’s no secret that generally the people who are most effected by influenza are those who are already sick or who have weak immune systems. But there is a common myth that people who are healthy do not need to get a corporate flu jab.

This is completely untrue, as influenza can affect everyone, including those who are healthy. Even young people can get sever symptoms from influenza which results in them being off work and sick in bed for several weeks.

Furthermore, even if you do not get influenza, if you have not been vaccinated you can still be a carrier of the virus. This means that you could then spread the virus and pass it on to other people.

Essentially, getting the vaccine is a sensible idea, even if you believe yourself to be healthy. The more people that get vaccinated, the less likely it is that there will be a large influenza epidemic.


Fact 3:

Although most adults of good health only need one standard dosage of a vaccine each year, not everyone requires the same dosage of a corporate flu jab.

Doctors have recently suggested that children between 6 months and 8 years may need two doses of the vaccine each year. Adults over 65 or those with low immune systems may also need a higher dosage of the vaccine.