Everything You Need to Know About Getting Scaffolding in Perth

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Whether you’re working on a house or a skyscraper, scaffolding in Perth is a crucial element of the construction and maintenance process. The temporary structure serves as a kind of exoskeleton for your building, keeping it safe while you work on it. It also provides support for workers, allowing them to move around and transport materials safely and easily, and it keeps the construction site safe for everyone involved.

This article will outline what you need to know before hiring a structure for your next project.

Your three options

There are three main options that you can choose from to use on your next project. These are:


Residential scaffolding in Perth

The structures work great in residential projects, regardless of their size. “Small” or single-residential projects and large, multi-residential developments such as townhouses, units and apartments are all appropriate for the structure’s usage. A provider should also be able to help with the transportation, setup and dismantling of the structure.


High rise scaffolding in Perth

High-value, high-rise projects such as apartment and office blocks are also great opportunities to use the structures. Emphasis is on compliance and effective occupational health and safety procedures. The structures should be made from the highest quality, heavy-duty materials.


Commercial scaffolding in Perth

Regardless of whether you need to build a shopping centre, retail shop, restaurant, café, government building, factory or school, make sure you use a high quality structure to help you. A provider should be willing to help you reach your goals, deadlines and budgets whilst implementing a safe, comfortable and adjustable structure for your workers to use.


Questions to ask your provider

Before hiring scaffolding in Perth, it’s essential to ask your provider a series of questions to ensure that you’re using the structure safely and effectively. Here are some things to consider:

Are you insured?

It is crucial to work with a provider who is sufficiently insured. You don’t want to be liable in the instance of an injury or death – you could wind up owing a lot of money and face other legal charges.

Are you licenced?

Being licenced is a sign of a trustworthy, professional business and is a standard of recognition of one’s quality, dedication and skill. In the case of scaffolding in Perth, it is likely also a legal requirement. When dealing with a potentially dangerous structure it is essential that the business providing the service is licensed in order to reduce the likelihood of harm or legal issues cropping up.

What areas do you service?

Naturally, you’ll want to know if the provider can service the area you’re working on. If they operate outside of your area, they may charge a higher rate to come to your location (or they may not come at all).

Do you require a site inspection to make a quote?

Some businesses will need to physically inspect the site in order to create a quote, however others may be able to write up a quote based on architectural/engineering drawings. Depending on your location and the amount of time you have, their response may factor into your overall decision.

Do you install and remove the structure yourself?

Many providers of scaffolding in Perth will transport, install and dismantle the structure for you. This is in the interest of overall safety, efficiency and legal protection. It also means that you’ll save time and energy not having to do it all yourself.



There are many things to consider before getting a structure for your next project. Ensure you do your research to get the best results.