Cultural Benefits Of Corporate Flu Vaccinations

//Cultural Benefits Of Corporate Flu Vaccinations
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Offering corporate flu vaccinations to your staff is a great way to promote and improve health within your team, but the benefits don’t stop at helping to prevent your employees from catching influenza. Having easily accessible corporate flu vaccinations also provides a whole host of cultural benefits that could possibly even outweigh the immediate health perks.

Brings Risk Reduction To The Forefront

For starters, offering your team corporate flu vaccinations brings risk reduction to the forefront within your culture. While this is great on a personal level for each employee when it comes to protecting themselves against influenza, the real benefits will be seen in the overall shift of focus throughout your organisation. Highlighting ways to mitigate one risk often makes people more aware of others that they may face so your corporate flu vaccinations could lead to an overall improvement of safety within your business. 

Promotes Wellness

You’ll also be promoting wellness in general which can boost mood, productivity and more. It’s a simple fact that happy, healthy people perform better so by encouraging employees to focus on their mental and physical wellbeing, you’ll see further positive shifts throughout your organisation. Following on from this, you could use your offer of corporate flu vaccinations to build a foundation for a new (or improved) employee wellness program. Asking for feedback on what staff find useful and then actually listening and implementing change can have a significant impact and often, the changes needed to make staff feel better are quite minimal.

Increases Positive Sentiment 

Speaking of positive shifts, offering staff corporate flu vaccinations shows that you care about them which can lead to an increase in positive sentiment towards their jobs and your business. This is important as staff who feel valued are more likely to give their all during work hours. This leads to higher levels of output with deliverables generally being of better quality thanks to the mindset that your staff member will be in while creating them.

Makes Employees Feel More Valued

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As noted above, offering corporate flu vaccinations to your staff makes them feel more valued. In addition to the perks on a professional level that we mentioned in the previous paragraph, this also helps to improve their lives on a more personal level. This is because everyone feels better about themselves when they feel like they’re making a difference. This in turn improves their well-being and overall happiness and can create a self-perpetuating cycle of positive change.

Boosts Collaboration 

Finally, although it may sound odd, offering your staff corporate flu vaccinations can help to boost collaboration among team members. This is because bringing attention to things that could cause staff to miss work highlights how important each member is within the team. This will often prompt employees to collaborate better so that everyone is covered in the case that someone does need a sick day. Not only does this mean that your team will be less likely to experience burnout in the event of an extended absence but it can also improve the quality of their output as two (or three, or four) heads are always better than one. Improved collaboration can also bring new ideas to the table and help your team find more creative and efficient ways to get things done.

On a personal level, no one wants to catch influenza, and as an employer, it’s in your best interests to help staff avoid this illness. Having said that, we believe that the cultural benefits, like those laid out in this piece, are just as valuable as the health outcomes provided by offering this type of protection. If you feel that corporate flu vaccinations could benefit your organisation, book yours today.