Hydrotite in a construction building

Hydrotite Seals Out Water

Concrete engineers, pool makers, and pipe construction workers are recommended to use the hydrophilic Hydrotite to ensure no leakage of water or fluids. Hydrophilic means ‘water-loving’ and the self-adhesive strips of Hydrotite are just that, they swell and expand up to 8 times their capacity when they are exposed to moisture and will stop any seepage of water through concrete seals or joints. It is the best water stopper. Why Prevent Water Leaking Through Concrete? Depending on the type of concrete

Architect and site manager using a construction ERP software installed in a tablet

Construction ERP Software Makes the Complex Capable

Bringing together all the separate parts of a building or engineering project, from design to finish so the complex is made streamline, is not only possible but necessary with Construction ERP Software. Smooth functioning and optimal management in the construction industry relies on integrating the smallest detail with the largest scale of operations and Enterprise Resource Planning Software is the answer. ERP software in the engineering and building industry evolved from a need to co-ordinate data flow with real-time processes