Benefits of Receiving an Instant Sick Certificate

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Everyone has been there before; waking up one morning with a sore throat and a headache. Instead of trying to battle through the virus, it’s important that you get some rest. However, if it’s a weekday, there’s a good chance you’re rostered on at work or have classes at school or university. The worst part is that you’re not sure if you’re going to be able to organize an appointment with your general practitioner in time. Or, alternatively, you could be so ill that you can’t even leave the house or get out of bed. Even though you need an instant sick certificate, you need a modified solution to ensure that you get one to show your employer or teacher. Here are several benefits of getting a sick certificate online without even leaving your home.


Time saver

One of the worst parts about contracting a serious virus is having to strip off out of your pyjamas and drive down to your local GP. It eats up a lot of your time, when you clearly need to be at home recovering. Instead, you’re waiting in a small, cluttered waiting room, surrounded by other ill people. However, having access to an online platform that can send you a sick certificate is an easy and effective solution for those too ill or unable to travel to an available medical centre. Likewise, you might live in an isolated location, where the closest medical centre is still a lengthy drive. Or, you may not have access to a car or a form of transport that will adequately transport you to your doctor.




You might think that because you’re not physically seeing a doctor for a consultation that the service is inherently flawed. However, for many online platforms, this is not the case. On top of this, many people often search the internet to diagnose their own illnesses. Indeed, you will still be connected to qualified, registered doctors that can provide you with a much needed sick certificate. They can access you via video chat, diagnose your symptoms and it’s done. Simple. This process is particularly helpful for when you just have a common cold or a bad flu virus. You already know what you have; you just need a sick certificate to validate your absence.



One thing that worries patients about this solution is the relative level of privacy between doctor and patient. However, an instant sick certificate is embedded with a 256 bit data encryption, guaranteeing that your medical documentation is secure and private. Obviously, it is really important that your information remains private as there are laws surrounding medical privacy. This is because some medical conditions can be sensitive in nature and so your information should remain confidential.

Simultaneously, many of these platforms are equipped with a rating system, much like those used in sharing platforms like Uber. Put simply, you can rate your doctor out of five stars following your consultation, which ensures that all doctors are evaluated consistently. This helps improve the quality and privacy of consultations.


Older patients

Getting access to online medical attention is an optimal solution for older patients, who may lack the ability to travel to medical centres. Sometimes it can be impossible to organize for a doctor to travel to your location and provide you with a sick certificate, so an online platform is a reasonable alternative if you’re an older patient, unable to travel long distances.


Alternative services

On top of providing a sick certificate, online doctors can provide referrals to patients for other medical specialists. This could be in the form of a radiology request or an “ePrescription.”