A Guide On Creating Balloon Columns For Your Party

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There are many simple and cheap ways you can revitalize your party. Not everyone has the money for a professional catering company, a live animal display or a professional DJ. So, if you are looking to spark up your event and don’t have a whole lot of cash at your disposal, consider some balloon columns as decoration for your party. Indeed, synthetic pillars are really effective in building a fun and positive environment, which is what you want for any celebration. Another great advantage they have is that you can use your creative license to arrange them in any way you want. There are a lot of funky techniques and styles when it comes to creating inflatable pillars, which won’t eat up much of your time at all! So, if you’re currently planning a party, here are several great tips on making the best balloon columns.


Single colour arrangements

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Sometimes you’re better off doing a little as opposed to a lot. This theme can be applied to your inflatable pillars. They can be used as a nice subtle decoration for any type of party – a young child’s birthday party, a wedding anniversary or an adult birthday party. They don’t detract from any other decorations you may be using and they actually accentuate the party vibe. The last thing you want is your balloon columns to be getting in the way or becoming a distraction for guests.


Multi-colour pillars

balloons in assorted colors

Single-colour arrangements may not be as appropriate or desirable for certain events of parties. For example, a young child may want a series of different colours for their party. If this is the case, you should definitely consider multi coloured balloon columns if your child wants different colours for their party. It’s also a great distraction for some of the kids at the end of a frenetic party. While the parents can sit back and relax for a bit, the kids can sit around playing games with the inflatables. Some great examples are inflatable tennis and inflatable darts.



How you position your balloon columns throughout your hosting venue is equally as important as the type you choose. They can act as a really nice decorative welcoming – consider painting letters on the latex and arranging them in adjoining pillars near the entrance. They can act as a sign for where your party is located, which can be helpful if your event is in a larger complex or establishment (like a restaurant or arcade).

You can also find “shaped” balloon columns to do something different and unique. Consider finding inflatables in the shape of food or drink bottles – place these on adjoining sides of your catering table so your guests know where the food is.


What are the benefits?

There are many advantages of using balloon columns at your party or function. You don’t want your party to be remembered for being dull and boring. You want to bolster the aesthetic appeal of your event, which can be achieved using some nifty inflatable pillars.

Furthermore, ordering a delivery of balloon columns is very cheap and affordable, so even if you’re planning a party on a budget, you’ll surely be able to find some money space for some inflatables. Unlike a DJ or a whopping catering fee, some cute little helium inflatables will do wonders for your party and ensure everyone has a great time!


Final tips

As final tips, just remember to order your delivery in advance. Don’t leave it to the last minute, as this will just cause stress. Clarify with your provider the day before delivery so the inflatables arrive on time, ready to be arranged.